Over the past five years Tela has conducted research on the usage of colour for the top 50 barristers’ chambers websites. This report was generated by capturing the top 10 colours used on the website home pages. The colour usage was taken from screengrabs with images removed. Using screen grabs gives the most accurate usage of colour and enables us to pull the percentages needed.

We purpose this information to compare the approach to colour and luminosity used with the top 50 Law Firm’s websites and barristers chambers’. The data is then dynamically formatted into the views you see through this link.

The tool displays all 50 barristers’ chamber website colours on one screen. You can also filter by individual companies colours by selecting ‘filter by Barristers’ Chamber’. This allows you to view and compare each of the companies within the industry.

This year we have carried our research out to look at the current trends with colour usage. It helps to see the divide that year in colours between barristers’ chambers and law firm’s websites. Here is our updated version for 2021.

Results: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2021

Looking at the results from 2021, there is more of a divide between red and blue colour usage compared to 2019. Trends are starting to break away from red tones, as the popularity of this colour starts to fade. This is very similar to the law firm colour trends this year which are spread out across the red and blue along with some additional purples and pinks.

Compared to 2019, the spectrum of colours seems to have branched out, as there are more variations of green being used. The 2019 visual shows that green was not a popular choice. This was the same for law firms, but in 2021 it looks like green is becoming more attractive for legal services websites.

In comparison to law firms, more colour variations are used by the barristers chambers. Law firms colour shades are leaning towards the darker tones this year, the opposite of the chambers trend. Barristers’ chambers have more colours in the lighter regions of the colour wheel.

In 2019 colour usage favoured the darker shades of blue. In comparison, this year’s colours have started to lighten in shade and there is a bigger range across all the spectrum.

The most popular colour for barristers’ chambers websites for 2021 is blue This follows the same trend as 2019.

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