A Multinational Software Company

In a Nutshell

Condeco are a global provider of integrated meeting room, desk booking and space utilisation software. We developed the mobile responsive website to help increase conversions and integrations with internal systems, whilst reinforcing the strength in the market place message.


Condeco needed a website to illustrate the strengths of each technology solution they provide. They also required a content management system that would allow their marketing team to edit the site with ease.

What We Did

Running on a WordPress CMS, the modular structure allows panels of content to be easily changed by the marketing department to reinforce key messages. The website has also been developed with multilingual capabilities – user access and CMS control can be defined by region, so the various teams across the world can operate independently from one another while allowing the global heads of marketing to keep overall control of the website content.



Increase in traffic

In 12 months


Increase in page views

In 12 months


Increase in organic traffic

In 12 months



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