Fox Williams

City Law Firm

In a Nutshell

Fox Williams is a leading City law firm. Their previous website was running on an out of date platform which didn’t provide the tools required to efficiently promote the firm online. A redevelopment and redesign was needed in order to reflect the firm’s position as a progressive brand and also to consolidate content and brand positioning, while promoting consistency across multiple platforms.


Fox Williams needed a website that reflected their position as a top tier firm. As well as refining the creative brand positioning, key page template structures also required optimisation. The user journeys needed to be planned so that Tela could create a new architecture to better position content for each audience as they traversed through the website.

What We Did

Tela worked with Fox Williams to identify the key audiences visiting the website so that user journeys could be tailored for visitors with differing requirements. The architecture and content was arranged in a structure that makes it more easily accessible via different styles of navigation and search facilities.

The new design and page template structures offer new opportunities for visitors to engage with the site which has increased levels of retention. Each of the key areas of the website now contains clear calls to action which encourage communication with Fox Williams.

The new CMS offers the marketing team at Fox Williams more flexibility when adding content to the website. They are able to take advantage of new features which enhance SEO as well as continuing to build new relationships which allow users to progress their journeys to targeted content.



Increase in users

Six months after launch


Increase in page views

Six months after launch


Increase in organic traffic

Six months after launch


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