Over the past five years Tela has conducted research on the usage of colour for the top 50 Law firm’s websites. This report was generated by capturing the top 10 colours used on the website home pages. The colour usage was taken from screen grabs with images removed. Using screen grabs offers the most accurate insights into the usage of colour and enables us to pull the data needed to generate the results.

The purpose of this information is to compare the approach to colour and luminosity used with the top 50 Law Firm’s websites. The data is then dynamically formatted into the views you see through this link.

The tool displays all of the top 50 Law Firm’s website colours on one screen. You can filter by individual firms colours by selecting ‘filter by Law Firm’s 2021’.

This year we have carried out research to look at the current trends with colour usage.

Results: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2021

Looking at the results from 2021, there is a clear divide between the colours compared to 2019. There has been a shift in the position of the colours used, and a noticeable gravitation has occurred towards the blue and red shades. In 2019, the trending colours were evenly spread across the top of the wheel.

Compared to 2019, the spectrum of colours have moved more towards the darker shades of the wheel. Although the use of green on the top law firm websites is more than the 2019 results, there are still very few websites using this colour.

The leading colours this year are still blue and red, with 2021 introducing further green tones. The shades that are being used are less vibrant and leaning more towards the darker shades, however, there are still some very vibrant colours in the mix.

Looking back at 2018, you can see that purple was a very popular colour that carried on through to 2019. 2021 shows that the pinks and purples are still there but are slowly becoming less popular compared to previous years.

From the 2021 results you can see that blue is a very strong colour for the 6th year running. Taking a look at the Barristers Chambers results, you can see that blue has been a trending colour across all the legal services websites.


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