How Google’s June 2021 Core Update is Going to Affect the Legal Services

Several times a year Google has ‘core updates’ which makes changes to its search algorithms and systems. Google search algorithm helps Google find and rank the most relevant pages to a certain search query. Core updates are designed to improve the quality and relevancy of Googles’ search results.

June 2021 Google Update

Google has just rolled out its newest update on the 2nd of June 2021. On-page experience has become a huge part of Google’s search algorithm alongside core web vitals, which focus on loading, interactivity and visual stability of web pages. Core web vitals are specific factors that Google considers crucial to a webpage’s overall user experience.

The Core Web Vitals

Loading speedLargest Contentful Paint (LCP)

If it takes the user too long to load the page structure and content, it will reduce retention and increase bounce rates. LCP is used to measure how long it takes for the largest content to render on the screen. Pages that have an LCP of 4 + seconds are thought to have poor user experience although a target of under 2 seconds is recommended.

Interactivity – First Input Delay (FID)

Measure of site interactivity and responsiveness on a page when a user interacts with it.

Visual stability-  Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Measures how often layout shifts occur on web pages on load. If the layout on a page moves as it is loading this results in poor user experience.

What do you need to do to prepare?

July 2021 Google update

There will be a second Core update in July 2021. Google announced their planned update for June was not quite ready so they are going ahead with the parts that are and the rest will follow in July.

Final thoughts

The key elements to check on your website for this update are your pages loading speed, interactivity and visual stability. If these three elements are performing up to scratch on your site you should be fine during Google’s June 2021 core update.


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