Barristers’ Chambers Website Colour Usage 2019

Colour is a highly important part of the branding process and is something that needs to be reflected and consistent throughout all communications of a brand.

Last year we produced a visual tool that showed Barristers’ Chambers website colour usage, to compare with the colour usage in the top 50 Law Firms websites. It helped allow for a good amount of comparison between the legal service sector, while also identifying trends and opportunities with their colour usage. Therefore, we have created an updated version for 2019 Barristers’ Chambers website colour usage.

Results: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019

Taking a look at the results from last year, you can see that there was a good range from all of the colours, with the exception of green – a colour which has very few shades used. This year’s colours, however, show a little more green coming through, but the range of colours, in general, are still quite large. When you have a look at the 2016 results you can see how red has gone from being a trending colour to the majority of colours now being spread out over the spectrum in 2019. Much like the Law Firms website colours, red still seems to be used in a large variety of shades which is good for making the chambers websites more eye-catching when it comes to features like their calls to action.

Compared to last years colours that were quite dark and bold, the results have changed more towards being pastel-toned, which shows that Barrister’s Chambers have gone with a more light and soft approach with their website colour usage – rather than bold and vibrant shades.

Barristers’ Chamber websites show that blue and red are very popular colours because throughout 2016,2017, 2018 and 2019 they have continuously remained a very popular choice. The neutral colours are very popular this year with both the barrister websites and the law firm websites.

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