Colour plays an important role in marketing. Understanding the decisions behind colour choices is something that marketers pay close attention to in order to evoke the right kind of response from their audiences.

We wanted to see what colour and luminosity trends were being used online in the sectors we work in. We looked and could not find anything off the shelf, so decided to build an application to show these trends. It is a work in progress as we have only currently analysed the top 50 uk law firms, but we are already seeing some interesting results.


What we did

Tela looked at the colours used on the top 50 law firms websites in order to compare the variation. We wanted to gain an insight into how law firms were using their brand colours online and identify any usage gaps in the colour spectrum and luminosities. It was also important to establish the colours that were trending in the industry, while finding out what colours and tones were not as popular.

After taking screenshots of each of the top 50 law firms home pages, an online tool was used to calculate the top ten colours used on each. This information was then entered into a database that is used to create the interactive tool that displays the usage of each colour on each of the top 50 law firms websites.

How it works

The tool displays all 50 law firms colours on one screen. You can also show individual law firms colours by filtering the ‘view by law firm’. This allows for some basic comparisons between the firm and industry.

What the results show

We’ll leave you to interpret the visualizations, but there are some clear colour trends. Various shades of blue have been used in many of the law firms websites making it a safe choice, whereas colours such as green and purple are rarely used at all.

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