King’s College London – ELC

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In A Nutshell

King’s College London English Language Centre offers academic preparation courses for international students. The aim of the project was to redesign their page templates to attract, engage and deliver the relevant information to prospective students.



King’s College London wanted the new English Language Centre web pages to improve prospective students understanding and applications to foundation, pre-masters and pre-sessional courses, while giving them extra support.

A key part of the project was to create a structure that provided more guidance and gave students content that was more transparent and simple, in particular looking at the terminology used. Further instruction to content and calls to action were also important in guiding the prospective students in order for them to easily navigate their way around the site.

What We Did

Tela identified the best ways to optimise the English Language Centre website pages from both a user perspective and also from an SEO performance point of view. The user journey was carefully assessed and a new structure of the website pages was created in order for prospective students to access information on preparation courses easily, while taking into consideration the SEO requirements. The layout of the pages was also enhanced to add visual appeal and to optimise the space.



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