Fladgate LLP

Law Firm

In A Nutshell

Fladgate LLP are an internationally focused top 100 UK law firm. Tela implemented a new digital strategy including a mobile responsive website structure and new content management system with multi-site deployment capabilities.

fladgate website on laptop


Fladgate wanted a website that looked good, delivered great functionality and was easy to use. The technical aspects of the project were as important as the look and feel, and the strategy was developed with SEO in mind from the start. Fladgate also wanted to use the platform to distribute content that helps position the firm and the website as an authoritative resource.

What We Did

Tela designed a user interface with the goal of setting Fladgate apart from other top 100 UK law firms. New forms of online technology were subtly used to make the user experience visually dynamic. The content management system offers ‘multi-site’ technology, allowing client microsites, deal rooms, disaster recovery sites and external blogs to be easily managed. The website has also been set up with extensive reporting facilities to enable Fladgate to monitor and enhance performance.

The content rich website allows administrators much more flexibility when updating the pages. A graduate recruitment microsite has been implemented to allow Fladgate the flexibility to market the firm to a different audience. The news section supports the wider content marketing strategy and is now much more accessible, encouraging visitors to return to the website on a regular basis.




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