1 Crown Office Row

Barristers' Chambers

In a Nutshell

1COR is a barristers’ chambers with a focus on civil and public law. They needed a new website and brand design to position them as a leading set. With two offices, Brighton and London, there was also a requirement for two independently managed sites to be created on a WordPress microsite platform.


1COR wanted a logo redesign that was both modern and professional. Alongside this, they needed a new mobile responsive website using a WordPress CMS so that the content could be easily edited in-house. The main objective was to produce a platform that would showcase the chambers, using a user-friendly interface that would work hard to increase traffic and enquiries.

What We Did

Tela designed a new brand for 1COR that gives the chamber a modern identity. The new brand is reflected in the website redesign with the new colour palate used throughout the page templates. Calls to action were positioned strategically throughout the site to help guide users through different journeys and optimise the website for conversions.

Both the London and Brighton sites were created to enable users to traverse between the different sections of content, while allowing administrators in London and Brighton to have complete control over content aimed at different audiences.


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