Top Tips for Writing Effective Law Firm Blog Posts

A blog can help your law firm to connect with existing and new clients. It can also help viewers to learn more about different topics relevant to your business.

“77% of Internet users read blogs”.

An informative, well written blog will give your website more credibility. In turn the viewers reading it, are more likely to contact you when they are ready to choose a lawyer. Blogging helps to demonstrate how knowledgeable and engaged you are in your specialist areas and highlight your areas of expertise.

A law firm’s blog is a great way to provide in-depth answers to potential clients who are researching and asking questions via search engines. If your blog is relevant to their search, it is likely to appear in the search results and will give more traffic to your law firm’s website.

Once your law firm’s website has been developed to a high standard, blogging can be a great way to help increase the traffic that little bit more.

“On average, companies who blog produce 67% more leads per month.”

Consider your audience and the best content to write about

Making sure that the blog has got the best content for your audience base, will keep viewers engaged. A lot of potential legal clients are likely to be searching for questions on Google, rather than for specific law firms. This means that if your law firm’s website contains high-quality answers to their questions, then it is more likely to rank well in clients ‘question searches. If you think about your audience persona and adapt your posts accordingly, they are more likely to stay on your page and you are more likely to generate new leads.

“On average, companies who blog produce 67% more leads per month.”

This is an example of something that a client may be likely to ask Google for:

As you can see Tela has ranked for this search query, because we have used the blog content to refer to the questions that a client may be likely to ask. This means that if a client were to type this in, they would find our website as it ranks highly. Due to the content that we have written being reliable, they may be likely to have a look at more of our site and keep us as a reference for another time.

Take Images

Go out and take as many images that you can that have potential to use for a blog post. Making sure that you have a folder full of images that you can use for posts is very important because it means that after writing a post you do not have to then get up and begin to take images for the blog.

Why images? Images will help to increase the traffic to your blog post and also will help to break the text up a bit so that the reader will stay engaged with your post and it will also make sure that they are .

“Blog articles with images get 94% more views”.

Create a Content Plan

It is a good idea to have a content plan of what you are going to be posting and when you would like it posted. This can help to keep you organised and staying up to date with the content will be a lot easier.

Having a plan for your content is also a good idea because it means that you can write a lot of the content in advance and get lots of posts ready for posting so that if you are to ever ill, on annual leave or just not in the office, you can set up the content to post on a certain day and at a time so that you don’t always need to be there for it to post.

Be Consistent

Publishing content consistently is very important when blogging because it will mean that the blogging is more effective. Making sure that you are posting often and that your writing is of a good quality will give your firm more opportunities to rank as it makes it easier for search engines and potential clients to find your website.


The graph shows that the more a business blogs, the better their traffic will be for the website

Make sure that the posts, no matter how many you can do are all still of a good quality because otherwise it may cause customers to say it’s not as trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

A law firm’s blog is important when thinking about the marketing plan for your firm because it helps increase the traffic to your site and makes clients happier!  Blogs help to increase your law firm’s exposure which attracts and engages new clients and referral sources. To increase your blogging success, it is important to think about your audience, create a plan, and be consistent.


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