Conversational marketing is an important factor for your business that you should keep an eye on as it helps you to keep in contact with your customers when they are active and interested rather than later on.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing uses real-time conversations to move your buyers through your sales funnel whilst building relationships with them.

It focuses on listening to your customers and their needs while also incorporating feedback to your marketing strategy with your customers on a one-to-one basis. This can help to gain leads, encourage new and old customers to interact with your products and services.

How Conversational Marketing can Benefit your Users

Conversional marketing allows your business to have a one-to-one approach directly with their customers.

Helps you prevent people from leaving your site

Through using conversation marketing, businesses can prevent people from leaving their website as it gives them someone to interact with. It is important to use interactions and engagements for your audience as it will help them stay in your sales funnel and you can use your sales techniques to find out if they are a lead or not. Without your website being interactive, engaging, interesting to your audience they will just leave and your bounce rate will increase.

If someone comes onto your website and you are not there to help them out with their buying process then leads may not be able to get into the next stage of the sales funnel and you could potentially be losing leads from not having that simple contact.

Learning more about your customers

Chatboxs will help you to record the time of day, the types of questions people ask and how long conversations tend to be before the customer gets their answer. Conversations with consumers will help you to get a bigger insight to what they are after, why they came to your site and what they want out of your company.

Creates a more human buying experience

Conversational marketing allows you to start a conversation with the customers visiting your website instead of leaving leads to explore for themselves. This allows them to start a conversation with you when you are ready and also means that they know you are there for them.

Around the Clock Availability

With the majority of customers at work for 9 hours of the day it makes it more convenient for them to contact you when you are out of hours. Having a chatbox that is available 24/7 will mean that you can pick up the enquiries when you are back at work.

Shorter Sales Cycles

The sales funnel can be a long process and if there are any delays in the process it may mean that the customer has lost interest and goes with another company. Conversational marketing will help to ensure that the conversation remains flowing and they can even set up demo conversations with the sales rep to keep the lead travelling through the funnel.

Using Conversational Marketing to its Full Potential

Instead of calling, most conversations will happen now-a-days by text, messages or another form of chat online. People are using chats instead of emailing or calling each other because it can be easier and you get a faster response rate.

“90% of consumers want to use it to communicate with businesses”. 

This makes conversational marketing beneficial to your business as it shows that people are more likely to use conversational marketing to communicate to your business due to the faster responses and making it easier to use. Having the conversation marketing in the corner of your website means that the user can always see how to get in contact with you and can be reminded of it as they go through the site, should they need your help. There could be a lot of leads that are missed out here due to not having conversational marketing.

Cold calling has recently become ineffective for some companies. It can be impersonal and is not the quickest way to talk to your leads. Conversational marketing is the new evolution of cold calling. It helps to build up your relationship with your customers while also gaining more leads quickly.

The fast messaging service will give a good impression of your business as it shows that you are easy to contact and can help out your customers 24/7. One example of this would be Facebook business pages – on the profile it says “typically replies in” and will let customers know how quickly your business replies to messages.

How to use Conversational Marketing to Improve Sales

Conversational marketing can be used to capture leads and qualify them quickly as an alternative to the traditional marketing and sales techniques that people use.

Real-time Conversations

Real-time conversations are a more effective way of engaging with your customer as they do not have to wait for follow ups and they can engage with your business when they would like to rather than on your time.

“90% of B2B Companies Don’t Respond to Leads Fast Enough”

Conversational Marketing and chatbots are a great way to solve the issue of being responsive outside of business hours. There is the potential to have a bot interact with website users.

This means that you are expanding the amount of leads and sales you are receiving, therefore getting more money.

Final Thoughts

Conversation marketing is a great tool to use for your website and is a great way to connect with your potential clients better and increase your sales rates.

“Case studies show that conversational marketing can lead to more lead captures as well as better qualification of leads”


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