Using Google Trends for a Competitive Edge

Google Trends allows you to compare keywords and search terms quickly and effectively. In this post we explain how you can benefit from this free tool!

What is Google Trends?

Google trends is a tool to compare the popularity of search terms, in order to pick the best option for your website. It allows you to see if search terms are gaining or losing traction in Google so the correct one for your campaign can be chosen.

How to use Google Trends

Using Google Trends is very simple and it gives you great results. Type in the two (or more) keywords you would like to compare at the top, set the country, timeframe, categories and type of search and it will show you a graph of the data.

By changing the time frame you can see data over different periods of time to see if there is a correlation that you can predict. For example, for my keywords ‘digital agency’ and ‘digital agency london’ it looks like the data has just had a slight downfall but over the last 5 years it has been up and down various times so I can predict that searches for this keyword are going to increase in the next year or so.

Google Trends also allows you to compare your keyword by sub-region. Showing you which regions are searching for each of your keywords.

Finally, Google Trends also displays some related queries that are keywords or phrases others have searched, related to the keyword you inputted. This allows you to do a little keyword researching while using the Google Trends tool.

What can I use Google Trends for?

Google trends is a good tool to use when creating new content to gain a competitive edge.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of finding search terms that users will input into search engines when looking for your product or service. Google Trends can be a great tool when completing keyword research, as you can see the interest over time and compare different keywords. This enables you to pick out the keyword with the increasing interest and include it in your content.

Google trends is also useful as it predicts topics that are going to be trending or falling soon. For example, ‘electricity’ was a highly searched for keyword over the past 12 months as the prices are increasing and people want to learn more about it. However,  in recent weeks, Google Trends have predicted that people aren’t going to be searching as much for that keyword so it is displaying a dotted line that’s descending.

Understanding your Audience

Using various different keywords you can research the type of language your audience uses when searching for your product or services. For example, if you are an employment law firm you can use the terms; ‘employment law firm’, ‘employment solicitors’ and ‘employment lawyers’ to see which is the most searched. This will help you to determine the best terms to refer to your business.

From these results, Tela would recommend calling yourselves employment solicitors as it is the most highly searched.

Find relevant topics

Using the related queries section of Google Trends you will be able to research related topics surrounding your keyword. You can then add the related keywords to your page of content.

Current Topic Trends

Google Trends has a section for recently trending topics which allows you to view the most searched for keywords in Google. This is a useful tool, as you can see if any trending topics are relevant to your business. If there are any current topic trends that apply to you, you can jump on the trend, by including the terms where relevant.

Regional Research

Regional research allows you to view where your keywords are trending the most, so you can adapt the keywords you used based on where your audience is.

Google Trends FAQs

Is Google Trends Free?

Google Trends is a free tool on the internet. Here is the URL to find it,

What is Google Trends a measure of?

Google Trends is a measure of the amount of people searching for the keyword inputted.

How do I search Google trends?

Once on Google Trends, start typing in your keyphrase into the search facility. Google trends will come up with suggested search terms for you to use. Once you select the keyphrase you want to search Google Trends will enter a different page where you can add comparison keywords and change things like location, timeframe and the type of search it is.

How does Google Trends differ from AdWords search data?

Google trends allows you to look into granular data in real time, whereas AdWords search data is meant for insights into monthly and average search volumes.

Final Thoughts

Google Trends is a great tool to use to compare keywords and search terms quickly and select the best option to promote your business.

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