Email marketing continues to be a successful method of outreach and choice of marketing channel for successfully engaging with difference audiences. While creating the best strategy for your email campaign can take a lot of thought and research, there are a few best practices that can help you make the most of each campaign.

Set Clear Objectives

It is key that you have an objective in mind to shape the template and content before creating and sending out your email campaign. Consider who your target audience are and what they want. This will help to create a more targeted campaign with higher levels of engagement.


Personalisation is important to any email marketing campaign set-up. This means going further than just including their name in the content of the email. Personalising an email will ensure that your customer is receiving content that they are actually interested in. This means creating segmented lists. These can be created by using the data you already have on your audience, and can be kept as simple or as complex as you feel necessary. Segmented lists are a great way of increasing conversion rates from your email campaigns as the content is much more targeted and specific to the audience receiving the email.

Mobile Responsive Templates

Responsive email templates are just as important as responsive website designs, with a large proportion of views coming from mobile devices. Therefore you should ensure that all your email templates are built to be able to correctly display the content on a number of different screen sizes.

Subject and Pre-Header Text

These are the areas of content recipients will first see when they view the email. It is the text that needs to entice them to open the email which makes it really important to get right. Make it clear to your audience what they will gain from opening the email. The subject should be kept short and snappy, while the pre-header text has a few more character spaces to give a little more description around what to expect from the email.

Consider A/B Testing

If you are unsure of a subject line, then why not try an A/B split tist. This allows you to split your email list and send out two variations to see which generates the best results. A/B testing can be undertaken with a small percentage of a larger list which can then allow the subject line or email with the best results to be sent to the remainder of the list.

These tips will hopefully give you a little more insight into how you can crack those email marketing campaigns and boost their success with your audience. As an effective tool for both customer retention and acquisition, email marketing is a channel which has great potential to produce results.


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