Over the years SEO, and in particular, link building strategies have significantly changed, with the focus now on encouraging high-quality links from other websites. In order for an SEO strategy to take advantage of natural links generated by PR, the two channels have to work together. This approach will help generate more high-quality content and increase outreach.

External Link Building

An important factor that will help build the SEO of your chambers’ website is external link building. When we talk about link building we mean natural links from reputable websites offering links back to your website.

The value of a link (in Google’s algorithms) is based on the linking website’s popularity, importance and trust. PR is all about getting people to say good things about your chambers’. PR can help achieve this through guest blogging, opinion pieces and hosting events. All of these can generate natural content and potential links for publishers to put on their websites.

Implied Links

If lots of sources are talking about a popular brand, these are known as “implied links”, and are another ranking factor that Google picks up on. So the more websites that mention your chambers’, the more of an authority your brand will have, which will be taken into account by search engines when ranking your website against competitors sites.

Social Media

Your chambers’ social outreach can be highly amplified by using PR. Encouraging industry leaders and influencers to share your content on their social media channels will increase the value of your content. This will not only help increase the number of people who will view your content and encourage more traffic to visit your website, it will also introduce your chambers to potential new clients.

SEO and PR should always be closely linked as they both influence one another. Using a good PR strategy can create a greater outreach for your content by allowing it to be viewed by more of your key audiences. It will also add credibility to your website which will, in turn, increase search engine rankings, brand visibility and drive higher levels of quality traffic to your chambers’ website.


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