New Google Adwords SMS Feature: Click-to-Text

Google Adwords has been developed to include a variety of new extensions that could be of benefit to law firms. Each of the new extensions offers the customer a better experience and allow them to find out more information about your firm, e.g. how they can get in touch.

One of the newest additions to Google Adwords is the SMS feature which allows you to get in touch with a business via text. There are many people that would much prefer to use this form of communication as it is a way of getting an instantaneous response, for example, in comparison to an email. As Google launches this new feature, it opens up a host of new options for advertisers on the Pay Per Click (PPC) network.

The new feature allows for prospective clients searching on Google using their mobile, to text your law firm, rather than being directed to a contact form to fill out. Once the user clicks on the text option, it will launch the correct application on their mobile device to allow them to send a brief message to your law firm, opening up a whole new way of interaction to connect with your clients.

This form of contact offered through Adwords will not only increase the Click Through Rate of each of your law firm’s ads, but it will also raise your Quality Score, and in turn, reduce your Cost per click.

Having an option for prospective clients to get in touch via text will benefit law firm’s as it gives them chance to access a quicker form of communication. Adwords also allows for a good level of customisation, so the feature can be adapted specifically for your law firm. It can help complement other communication features that may already be present on your firm’s website.

To ensure that your law firm’s website is able to implement this new feature you must have an Adwords campaign running. On top of this, your website must be mobile friendly as this feature will only appear to those viewing from a mobile phone. There also needs to be a phone number that can accept incoming text messages and is closely monitored so that messages can be responded to.


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