Coronavirus has seen courts closed, lawyers working from home and opportunities for face to face client communication limited.

As all physical events have been cancelled, online has become the primary way for law firms and chambers to reach out to their audiences. Luckily, there are lots of opportunities to broadcast content online with webinars, audio and video content.


Webinars are online video presentations that allow lawyers to to share knowledge with an audience that could be based anywhere in the world.

Building an Audience

The more people who subscribe to a webinar, the more opportunities there are for generating interest from new or existing clients. Unlike physical events which usually dictate audience sizes based on the capacity of a venue, there are no limitations to the number of people who can attend a webinar. We have seen legal services webinars in recent weeks achieving audiences of over 500 people.

Establishing your brand as a trustworthy source

Presenting yourself as an expert in your field by giving your audience valuable information will allow you to position the brand as credible and trustworthy. Through the use of online content, you can create a relationship with your audience that encourages them to come back again and again to consume your information resources.

Webinars give you great content for future use

Once the webinar has been broadcast, you can take chunks of the videos and use them as content to send out in newsletters, post on your website and through social channels.

Video content

Building different styles of video content on websites can also help lawyers promote themselves to an online audience. Talking heads videos will allow potential clients to get a better understanding of a lawyer and their strengths, by demonstrating their knowledge and building trust, which can give clients the confidence they need to make contact.

Employee Advocacy

Each lawyer can help broadcast marketing collateral through their own social channels. Research completed by Tela shows that on average, lawyers each have over 250 Linkedin connections. So by encouraging lawyers to share content through their own channels, it will help any marketing messaging reach a much wider, targeted audience.


Though we might be experiencing many unknowns in the current situation, there are new opportunities arising with the chance to reach a much wider audience through their online presence.


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