Creating the best possible experience for users should be a key area to focus on when designing and developing a website. Information needs to be presented in a logical way to allow visitors to find the content they require as efficiently as possible.

There are a number of features that can be added to a barristers’ chambers website to ensure that it provides easy access to important information required by solicitors and other audiences.

Barristers profile pages are generally the most popular and therefore, the most important areas of a chamber’s website. Potential clients will often access these pages looking for information to read and take away before they make a decision. Clerks also use the profile pages to highlight relevant experience to clients looking for specialist skills.

Dynamic PDF CV’s that automatically pull the latest content from a website profile page can add real value to a chamber if they are kept up to date and presented professionally. Exportable CV’s allow users to download the profile of any barrister, including their practice areas and past experience, into a PDF document.

As well as downloading single CV’s, adding further functionality can enable multiple CV’s to be added to a shortlist in the form of a portfolio builder. This allows users to create a personalised list of barristers with specific sector or practice area experience relevant to their needs. Brochure builder tools can also be used to allow lists of barristers to be saved from a single area of expertise, in the same way that ‘add to basket’ functionality is used on e-commerce websites. These features allow users to quickly gather and send information about a variety of barristers.

The CV templates can be designed to remain consistent with brand guidelines, including heading styles, profile images and content. Upon export, CV’s can be neatly presented with a front cover, table of contents and chambers’ branding in order to give a professional finish to the user experience. Automating these elements means that the CV tools will always provide a consistent brand experience whenever content is shared.

Making sure that the profile content on the website is always kept up to date will mean that the latest content is always visible to people using the website and also to clerks and staff who need to send the latest versions of CV’s to clients.

Automating the process of generating professionally formatted CV’s from the profile pages ensures that there are no repetitive tasks associated with updating multiple versions of a CV while making it much easier for both clerks and clients to find and share professionally formatted documents with the latest information about each barristers experience.


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