Over the last 7 years, Tela has extensively researched colour usage within the top 50 law firm websites to discover trends within the legal services sector. To compile this report, we have documented the top 10 colours featured on each law firm’s homepage and dynamically organised this data for presentation in the following views.

This research allows us to analyse and contrast each firm’s strategies for colour use and luminosity and helps to identify current trends that are prevalent in the legal industry websites.

All colour usage data from the top 50 law firm websites is displayed on a single screen, allowing a comprehensive comparison of the most and least utilised colours. Please see our updated version for 2023 below, and to delve into the unique colour approaches of individual law firms, select ‘filter by law firm’s 2023’ at the top of the page.

RESULTS: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023

The results show that shades of blue are popular, with darker blues emerging as the most popular choice among law firms. This aligns with a consistent trend observed in our research on barrister’s chambers colour research.

There has been an increase in the use of brown, gold, and khaki colours, bridging gaps in the colour visual compared to 2022.

The colour visual has significant gaps in the top right and bottom left, indicating that purple and green shades, which have both seen a decrease compared to the previous year, are the least popular colours.

In the last year, there has been a slight decline in the use of pink and fuchsia shades. Nevertheless, when contrasting law firms with barristers’ chambers, it becomes evident that law firms still employ these colours more frequently. Chambers, on the other hand, leans towards true shades of purple and dark purple.


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