How to Customise Your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Reports

A lot of elements we have been using in Universal Analytics can now be customised in Google Analytics 4.

Custom Reporting

GA4 allows you to enhance and customise reports to make data more meaningful and relevant to your business. These reports give you the ability to create visual elements such as tables, graphs, paths or funnels and you can download the report as a PDF or CSV file to share in management meetings.

Setting up Custom Reporting

In the report navigation you can create or adjust collections and topics in your collections to customise the reports that people see in your account. Once the collection has been created, make sure to publish so everyone in the account can see.

To create custom reports, as an editor or admin take a look here.

Customisable Tables

If you have admin permissions to your GA4 account, you can customise the data in reports or tables. Currently in Universal Analytics (UA) we can create secondary dimensions such as  source and  medium to see more specific data in our reporting. However, GA4 allows you to completely customise these reports and change the dimensions and metrics.You can also save it as a new report or as the main so you can see it again in another session.

Set up Insights with Email Alerts

GA4 gives you the ability to set up email notifications  so if there is an issue with your website’s stats and something unexpected happens on your site, you will be notified via email and you will be able to fix it sooner rather than later.

As you can see below, GA4 has some standard stats that you can choose from to receive email notifications. For this account, if there is an anomaly in the daily event count, views or users, we will receive an email notification.

Using the blue ‘create’ button on the top right you can also create a custom email notification where you can set different conditions like the frequency, demographics and geographic location. You can also set the condition of the metric as seen in the screenshot below.


Google Analytics 4 has some great customisable elements that can help you create reports that are more specific to your business marketing strategy.


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