It is important that a barristers chambers website content is kept optimised in order to attract high levels of traffic. By using the following recommendations, you can ensure that your website is not only attracting the right audiences but also ranking well within the search engines.

Using the Right Keywords

Making sure that you have the right keywords for your barrister chambers website is key when trying to direct more traffic to it. This is because

“More than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings” – Source

Ideally, a website should aim to rank in one of the top five positions on Google for a specific keyword or keyword string as this will ensure that the right audience is attracted to the website.

“No. 1 Position in Google Gets 33% of Search Traffic” – Source

Creating a Keyword List

Creating a concise list of keywords is a helpful start as it gives you an opportunity to identify areas of the website that can be optimised better for search engines. When doing your keyword research, using online keyword tools can be useful as they give you the data you need to analyse the best keywords to use. A keyword planner can be used to do this as it allows you to identify which keywords will be most useful in using on your chambers website.

You will need to pay to get access to the best data. Once you have access to the tool you will be able to type in the term or phrase you are interested in using, and the results will show you if it is a good keyword to focus on. For example; using “Barrister Chambers” will give you the following results: it came up with a large list of results shown below.

Stay Relevant to Your Keywords

Making sure that the information of your website is relevant to what the user has searched is key. For example, if a search for “Criminal barristers chambers” was entered into Google and a page came up that was unrelated to the search, it gives the user a bad experience and will result in the user clicking straight back to Google. This has a negative effect on the bounce rate, which is another factor Google takes into consideration when defining search engine rankings. You need to ensure that you have a low bounce rate so that users are engaging with your website, rather than leaving as they haven’t found the information they are looking for.

Including Office Locations

Having each of the chambers locations displayed clearly on the website is crucial. Not only because they provide users with important information, but also because these webpages can rank really well in Google for specific keyword strings such as “barristers chambers in Oxford”. If each of the office location web pages has been optimised properly for search engines, they have a higher chance of appearing at the top of the search engines for location-based searches.

Multiple Office Locations

Having multiple locations enables you to rank keywords relating to each location so that your visibility is much higher in Google. Local search engine optimisation for each of the chambers locations gives a much higher chance of the pages ranking and appearing at the top of the search engine results, particularly when a search is made from that specific location. It has been noted that Google adjusts rankings depending on where the search has been made from, so you should ensure that the pages are optimised to take advantage.

“adding location-specific pages will help Google’s search crawlers index your page and give you higher rankings” – Source

Single Service Barristers Chambers

If your barristers’ chamber specialise in only one practice area, then there are a few steps that you can take to make your website stand out more and appear for particular searches.

One thing you can do is to put the exact domain in the websites URL, for example, you can include your service in your URL along with your barristers’ chambers name. This will mean that the URL is more relevant to the specialist area that the chambers is focused on. The only downside of this strategy is that it limits the chamber if you were to extend to other practice areas in the future, as your site would only be optimised for the one practice area.

Multiple Service Barristers Chambers

If your chambers specialises in a number of different practice areas, then a great way to optimise the website for search engines is by building up a sitemap. Creating individual pages for each practice areas is a good start, but then to develop these further you should be linking to subpages which focus on niche areas of law that the chambers practices in.

By creating this structure you are giving the website much more opportunity to rank for high-level keywords and also those that are more niche. These subpages give more credibility to the main practice area pages as they will be directing traffic to and from the niche practice area pages.

If you can generate enough content to create a new page for a practice area, then it is much better to do this than mentioning lots of different areas of law on one page.


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