Advantages of using video on your law firm’s website

The methods available to help market legal services have grown over the last decade as we have moved into a much more digitally focused world. In order to achieve the best results, online content should engage with an audience. Engaging with visitors online content is especially important as most people’s first introduction to a law firm will be through their website.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more.

“Forrester estimates that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated.”

The content produced to attract each audience needs to provide potential clients with key information to help them build confidence and learn more about the law firm or individual they are looking to instruct.

Video has an important role to play in content marketing and can offer a range of benefits if produced correctly. Video can help guide prospective clients through each stage of their journey, from raising awareness to the final point of making contact.

Benefits of Video Content

Conversion Rates

“When high-quality video content is created, it can help increase conversions in the areas it is used by around 80%.”


Video content also helps build a trusting relationship with your audience which will also increase the conversions.


“The more quality videos, the higher the chance of being viewed as an authority.”


Search Engine Watch

Google treats a link from another website to your site as a vote of confidence. Google will therefore rank you higher based on that vote. Therefore the more good quality links you have the better.

Mobile Benefits

“Users are 1.4 times more likely (compared to desktop viewers) to get a more personal connection with a brand as a result of video content.”

Think with Google

With the increased use mobile internet usage, having video content can help sell services to mobile users.

Social Sharing

“92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.”


Video is also a great tool to encourage social sharing. Creating engaging video content not only gives users something to relate to but also something to share on their social platforms.

This will help direct more traffic to your law firm’s website.

Why Video works well for Legal Services Content

Helping your audience understand

Some concepts and legal terms can be difficult to understand. Video content can help provide information to users in simple terms as it can be used to explain and answer questions. Video can be used to provide a solution in areas of a website that non-legal professionals may find confusing.

BLM have some good examples of this on their YouTube channel displaying a range of videos directly for clinicians and insurers. These videos help answer any questions their audience may have and then give advice as to how they can overcome any problems.

Enhancing your law firm’s brand perception

Video can be used to give your law firm a personality. It can also be used to explain to your prospective clients why they should choose to use your services and lawyers over a competitor.

Mishcon De Reya demonstrate this point well through the video used on the homepage of their website. It reinforces the brand messaging by stating “It’s business. But it’s personal”, which portrays a personal approach to client relationships.


Norton Rose Fulbright use their YouTube channel as an opportunity to offer training to lawyers. They regularly upload podcast style videos following a presentation providing key notes. Known as ‘Web Seminars’, these videos can help with lawyers self-study and provide them with easy access to content.

Case Studies

Video content gives your firm a good opportunity to present case studies featuring some of your success stories. Video used in this context will be easy for viewers to digest and will be much more engaging than lengthy text on a page.


Videos can work especially well when used as part of a recruitment campaign. ‘A day in the life of…’ videos used in this context always receive a lot of views, often making them the most interacted with content on a graduate recruitment website.

Allen & Overy do a great job of using video content to answer the most frequently asked questions they receive from students.

Video is such a powerful tool that can really benefit your law firm or chamber. Used correctly, it can have a powerful effect on engaging your audience. It helps build a more emotional tone of voice and connection with your audience which is something that can not easily be done using written text. Video is one of the best ways to help define your law firm’s brand and personality which will help an organisation stand out from competitors, connect with a target audience and install more conference which will help instigate higher levels of communication.


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