Wellbeing at The Bar

Providing mental health and wellbeing support for barristers, clerks and chambers' staff.

In A Nutshell

The Bar Council are the professional association for all barristers in England and Wales. They wanted to create a website that provided support, information and resources regarding wellbeing in the profession. The aim of the Wellbeing at the Bar website is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage members of the bar to better understand wellbeing and what they can do to promote it.



The Wellbeing at the Bar website needed to provide support and reassurance for members of the bar. A place users could seek out information on mental health issues, provide support and also give them the resources they needed to promote wellbeing in their chambers.

A key part of the project was to create a structure that provided lots of guidance and was easy to navigate. There was also a requirement for different types of content to be displayed on the site including video, downloadable packs and resources and news content so that the site would be not only informative but engaging for the readers.

What We Did

Tela implemented a user interface that is optimised for each of the audiences that will be using the wellbeing website. The user journeys were carefully assessed and relevant page structures were created to allow visitors to find information quickly and efficiently.

Tela also created the branding surrounding the Wellbeing at the Bar project. The main logo was designed using geometric shapes that come together in the shape of a brain. This style was then continued throughout the website in the form of graphics that represent each of the five main elements of wellbeing.



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