Waypoint Group

B2B Customer Engagement Strategies

In A Nutshell

Waypoint is the business enterprise for the managers and advisers of the funds and investments associated with the Bertarelli family. The intranet was designed with a visually dynamic UI that makes great use of movement to draw users attention around the page. This encourages them to view the written and video based editorial content. Elements of the interface were customisable so users could determine their own intranet experience.


What We Did

The homepage interface was designed to accommodate multiple components. When news posts are added, options in the CMS allow administrators to select the positioning of content on the page. Video content is heavily featured as are areas where ‘spotlight articles’ would stay fixed. A flag system was added to the content management system, to ‘stick’ a spotlight to the top for either a week or a month. Users could also filter the editorial content by business name, announcements, news type or by features.




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