Tanfield Chambers

Barristers' Chambers

In a Nutshell

Tanfield Chambers are a leading London set specialising in property law. They wanted a complete website redesign which included a new set of brand guidelines that could be reflected through their online and offline marketing collateral. The new website needed to feature a strong mission statement that conveyed Tanfield’s USP.


The new website needed to portray Tanfield Chambers as one of the top property law sets through clear positioning and the use of a mission statement that could be reflected throughout their marketing collateral. The user journeys were important throughout the project as the website navigation needed to be clear in order to allow different audiences to access information quickly and efficiently.

What We Did

Through an analysis of the user journeys on the old website, Tela created Tanfield Chambers a new website that is easy to navigate and focuses on the guiding visitors through to the key areas of content displayed on the site. The branding and messaging has been reflected throughout the site to help position the chambers as a top property law set.

An image library was developed to give Tanfield a range of on-brand imagery that could be used throughout the website and other collateral in order to maintain a strong brand focused design. The look and feel of the website was successful in maintaining Tanfield Chambers position as one of the top property law sets.



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