Property Litigation Association

In a Nutshell

The PLA (Property Litigation Association) is a members’ association for professionals specialising in all aspects of property litigation – commercial, residential and agricultural. The PLA has approximately 1,200 members, who are lawyers from a variety of firms in terms of both size and location. Tela developed a new mobile responsive, user-friendly website which aimed to increase levels of communication and offer the PLA a more advanced platform through which content could be distributed to members.


The PLA needed the new website to promote specialist property litigation skills within the property industry and among others with an interest in property, as well as well as providing a network for the exchange of information among members of the Association.

The strategy needed to enhance the user interface and make the content a priority in order to offer faster access to information. Another goal of the project was to further promote the PLA to non-members in order to increase membership levels over time.

What We Did

Tela restructured the website architecture and content taxonomies in order to produce simplified user journeys. Visitors now have multiple ways to navigate or search for content, meaning that information previously buried deep in the website is now easy to find.

A members section was created which allows all members of the PLA to have their own profile and supporting content. Functionality was introduced to increase levels of interaction between members, including a filtered search facility which allows members to be filtered down by firm, region and committee to provide precise results.

The website structure will be easy to expand in the future which will allow the PLA to add new content and landing pages as the requirements of the organisation change in years to come.


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