No5 Barristers’ Chambers

In a Nutshell

No5 Barristers Chambers, the UK’s largest barristers’ chambers, faced the challenge of an outdated website that lacked the necessary tools for effective online promotion. To better reflect the chambers’ progressive image, a comprehensive redevelopment and redesign was required. The project aimed to consolidate content, enhance brand positioning, and ensure consistency across multiple platforms.


No5 Barristers Chambers needed a new website that accurately represented their status as the UK’s largest barristers’ chambers. This involved refining their creative brand positioning and optimising key page template structures. Additionally, it was essential to meticulously plan user journeys, allowing Tela to develop a new architecture that would better position content for each audience segment as they navigated the site.

What We Did

Tela collaborated closely with No5 Barristers Chambers to identify the primary audiences visiting the website. This understanding enabled us to tailor user journeys to meet the diverse needs of these visitors. The website’s architecture and content were organised to ensure easy access through various navigation styles and advanced search facilities.

The newly designed site and optimised page templates have significantly enhanced visitor engagement, leading to increased retention levels. Each key area of the website now includes clear calls to action, encouraging more direct communication with No5 Barristers Chambers.

Furthermore, the implementation of a new CMS provides the marketing team at No5 Barristers Chambers with greater flexibility in managing website content. They can now take advantage of new features designed to enhance SEO, which helps build new relationships and guides users towards targeted content more effectively.

This strategic overhaul has not only improved the visual and functional aspects of the website but has also strengthened the online presence of No5 Barristers Chambers. By aligning the website’s design with the chambers’ progressive brand, Tela has ensured that the site now serves as a robust platform for both current and prospective clients, facilitating better communication and engagement.


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