Barristers' Chambers

In a Nutshell

Harcourt are a top-tier family law set based in London and Oxford. They required a redesign of their existing website that would reflect their skill and knowledge across all of the areas of family law that they specialise in.


The new website needed to keep Harcourt positioned as a leading family set while also having a personal and approachable feel to it that encouraged users to get in touch. The page templates needed to be easy to navigate to guide users through to key areas of the site allowing them to reach important content quickly.

What We Did

Tela identified each of the key audiences and their user journeys in order to map out a structure of the site that would be best suited to encourage interaction and communication. The new website helps users to browse through the site accessing content accurately, regardless of the device they are viewing it from.

The messaging on the website was reflected throughout the user journeys to continue building confidence in the brand and helping maintain their positioning as a leading family set.

The new Harcourt website that offers much higher levels of manageability when it comes to content. The CMS allows further flexibility for adding and editing content, meaning that it becomes easier to keep the website content up to date.


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