Goldsmith Chambers

Barristers' Chambers

In A Nutshell

Goldsmith Chambers are a leading multi-disciplinary set based in London. Our aim was to create a new digital strategy that would allow them to maximise their potential for lead generation and provide users with clearer routes to key content.



Goldsmith Chambers required a new digital marketing strategy that would reflect their brand image as a leading multi-disciplinary set. The new mobile responsive website was a key part of the project, as well as creating a structure that allowed users to traverse content prior to contacting the chambers.

What We Did

Tela created a user interface that gave the different audiences easy access to the various pieces of content displayed on the site. This allowed for the more embedded content to be found through different pathways. The content was displayed in a much more streamlined and concise manner, optimising the space on the homepage. This helps to build confidence and increase conversions from each of the different audience groups.

With clear calls to action and faster routes to content, users are able to make decisions much earlier on in their journey through the website. The dynamic search functionality makes this process much shorter and more efficient.



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