LinkedIn & Gmail integration for Salesforce

In A Nutshell

Ebsta are a multinational technology company that offer a simple toolbar feature that bridges the gap between your CRM, Outlook, Social Media and the web. The technology makes sales teams more effective by delivering relevant content while they work online and allowing them to add notes and events to their CRM directly from any web page, document or email.

What We Did

Ebsta now name Amazon, Citrix, and Evernote amongst their clients. The website has been a key tool that has helped sign up over 3000 users inside 18 months. Ebsta currently rank amongst the most popular apps in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Website Development


The website needed a clean structure to quickly explain key benefits and allow users to download and install free versions of the software. Simplicity was key, with calls to action encouraging visitors to install the software or learn more about its features at all stages of the user journey.

Additional components build confidence in the technology by demonstrating the size of its user base, while snappy testimonials demonstrate real word examples of how users are benefiting from the software with the ultimate aim being to persuade each visitor to install the technology.

Interface Design & Development

Once the plugin has been installed, its main aim is to quietly sit in the background of the browser until it identifies new content that can be imported into the user’s CRM. Upon finding new content a bar drops down from the top of the browser and flashes to catch the users attention. If the user wishes to complete the action the banner is clicked on to display the full interface. The new content appears in the interface window which can be reviewed and added to the CRM in one click. Secondary actions such as adding notes to the content are hidden in tabs making the core process of adding the new content fast and ensuring the user experience is as seamless as possible.



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