Bar Council Ethics Portal

In A Nutshell

The Bar Council are the professional association for all barristers in England and Wales. The new Bar Council Ethics website was created in order to allow barristers to access ethics documentation more easily, especially from mobile devices while out and about. Tela created a website in-line with the current Bar Council brand guidelines that presents a large amount of information to different audiences in a user friendly format.


The Bar Council wanted to build a new mobile responsive portal for the Ethics content, linked from the main Bar Council website. As there was a significant amount of information stored on this part of the Bar Council’s website, a new architecture as well as new functionality was necessary in order to allow faster access to content.

What We Did

In order to make the documentation more accessible, Tela identified areas of the website that could be simplified. Before we started work on the User Interface, the current content was categorised into topics that would allow different audiences to find the documentation they are looking for easily. The new layout also introduced features that give users the option to quickly search for information on a specific topic.

Each topic area now has its own landing page and the mobile responsive templates allow quick access to content regardless of the device being used to view the information.


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