Analysing the Top 50 Law Firm’s Homepage Elements 2024

Tela has examined the components present on the homepages of the top 50 law firms to identify if there are any patterns and trends.


Banners are full-width images or videos that capture the attention of users. They sometimes contain text that represents the company’s identity or clickable elements that direct users to other parts of the website. We found that 100% of the top law firm sites used a form of banner at the top of their homepage to engage users.

38% of the firms use scrolling banners, which display multiple pieces of content within the top section of your website. This feature enables the communication of several messages in one centralised location.

32% of the law firms incorporated videos in their banners, while 30% utilised a single-image banner format.

We then analysed additional elements that are shown on the homepage banners.

Nearly half of the law firms (48%) prominently featured news updates on their banners. For instance, Clifford Chance leverages a scrolling banner, rotating through multiple images and news items while Allen and Overy opted for a static image banner coupled with a featured news article.

38% of law firm homepages strategically featured headline and positioning statements in their banners, effectively communicating their brand and messaging to users when they first enter the site. Ashurst, for instance, uses a video banner with the headline ‘Powering Change’.

6% of law firm homepages integrated topics of conversation directly into their banners. Eversheds Sutherland, for example, uses a scrolling banner, spotlighting diverse topics such as AI and responsible business, accompanied by links to dedicated pages exploring these topics further.

4% of the homepages had an about us section in their banners, offering visitors immediate insight into the firm’s background and values. An equivalent 4% mentioned their service areas on their banners.


98% of law firms had a form of news on their homepage.

We found that 36% of the websites allocated a singular section for all types of news updates. For example, Charles Russell Speechly has a section ‘Recommended for you’ where there is a mixture of news articles, podcasts and insights.

Charles Russell Speechly

64% had multiple sections on their homepages for different news categories. We found these websites had a mixture of different sections dedicated to categories of general news, podcasts, insights, webinars, events and publications. Below you can see how many law firms had dedicated sections for each news category.


34% of law firms had a section on their homepages for reports. These documents delve into specific topics or issues relevant to the legal industry or the sectors. By producing reports, law firms position themselves as thought leaders in the industry, showcasing their expertise and understanding of complex legal matters. These documents not only demonstrate the firm’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends but also serve as valuable resources for clients.

For example, Fieldfisher’s ESG 2023 report showcases the strategic use of reports to tackle pressing issues like environmental, social, and governance concerns. In doing so, the firm reaffirms its dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility, while also providing valuable insights to its audience.

Search Bars

Only 34% of law firm homepages we examined incorporated a search bar. Among these, 53% were tailored specifically for searching lawyers and the remaining 47% of the search bars were designed for general searches, accommodating inquiries ranging from services to broader website content.


38% of law firms incorporate dedicated sections on their homepages focusing on topics of conversation such as responsible business, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), diversity and inclusion, and artificial intelligence (AI). By spotlighting topics, law firms demonstrate their commitment to addressing contemporary challenges and staying ahead of trends. For example, Bird & Bird have an element on their homepage called ‘Trending topics’ and have links to pages with topic content and relevant blog posts.

About Us

We found that 46% of law firm websites prominently feature an ‘About Us’ section on their homepages. These sections give visitors insight into the firm’s history, values, expertise and people, establishing credibility, trust, and transparency with potential clients.


In our research, we found that 44% of law firms integrate expertise sections on their homepages, offering visitors insight into their range of legal services and specialised areas of practice. By presenting a list of their expertise and legal services directly on their homepages, law firms aim to provide clarity and accessibility to potential clients seeking specific legal assistance. This transparent approach not only demonstrates the firm’s experience and capabilities but also helps potential clients navigate their options effectively.

Other Elements

12% of law firms included testimonials, offering insights into client satisfaction and the quality of service provided.

14% of these firms featured contact elements, such as contact forms, facilitating direct communication with potential clients and stakeholders.

16% of law firms dedicated sections to showcase their people, providing visitors with glimpses into their team members and expertise.

18% of firms prominently displayed their office locations on their homepages, enhancing accessibility and transparency for clients seeking physical contact.

38% of law firms integrated careers sections directly onto their homepages, signalling their commitment to talent acquisition and professional growth opportunities within the firm.

8% of firms incorporated elements that linked to specialised ‘hubs’. These hubs act as a centralised location for resources and insights tailored to specific practice areas, industries, or emerging legal trends. For example, HFW has a sticky/fixed position banner that stays at the bottom of the homepage as you scroll down and takes you to a dedicated sustainability hub.l By aggregating relevant information within these hubs, law firms aim to provide visitors with easy access to in-depth analysis, thought leadership pieces, case studies, and other valuable resources pertinent to their areas of interest. These hubs showcase the firm’s expertise and thought leadership and serve as dynamic platforms for engaging with clients and sharing knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Our research into law firm homepage elements has revealed several interesting trends in elements featured on their websites. Banners emerged as a universal feature, with scrolling banners being a particularly popular choice. Additionally, the strategic use of headlines and news in banners was a popular approach that demonstrates firms’ efforts to engage users and communicate their brand identity. News updates were prevalent across most sites, often categorised for enhanced navigation and accessibility.

We found a few homepages with specialised ‘hubs’ and ‘reports’, it will be interesting to see whether this is a new trend and if we will see more of this type of content in the future. These provide insights into complex legal matters and underscore firms’ knowledge, thought leadership and expertise in the industry.


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