Top 50 Barristers’ Chambers Logo Colour Usage 2023

For the past seven years, Tela has analysed the colours used on the top 50 barrister chambers websites to find patterns in colour usage. This year, we have decided to expand the scope of our research and focus on the colours used in the logos of the top 50 barrister chambers.

To produce this research, we dynamically formatted each chamber’s logo enabling you to compare the most and least used colours. By clicking “filter by barrister‘s 2022” at the top of the page, you can narrow the data down to show each chamber’s unique colour scheme.


Most Popular Colours

Our research shows that the most popular colours used in the top 50 barrister chambers logos are blues and dark purples. Compared to law firms, the shades of blues lean more towards purple tones and indigo rather than navy. You can see some examples of logos that use this colour scheme below.

Blue is a professional colour that connotes loyalty, wisdom and reliability while purple suggests luxury, power and ambition. These are very positive and strong characteristics which is why many have used these colours in their branding.

Compared to our law firm research, barristers’ chambers use fewer mauve and pinks in their logos but apply deeper reds as illustrated in the colour wheel. Here are some examples:

10% of chambers have kept their logos simple by using a black typeface but with a hint of colour. For example, Three Raymond Buildings and Fountain Court have highlighted the words ‘Chambers’ and ‘Barristers’ by using their brand palette to introduce some colour to the logo. Black can convey authority, strength and power when used in branding.


There are large gaps and therefore, opportunities for using colour to differentiate a brand around the bottom of the colour wheel. This shows that not many chambers use variations of light greens or yellow shades in their logos.

Francis Taylor Building have taken a less traditional approach by using light green in their logo.

They also use the green as the feature colour on their website, alongside navy as their other branding colour.

Guildhall Chambers and Doughty Street Chambers use multiple colours in their logos, taking a more colourful approach in their branding which will help the brand to be memorable and standout when compared to other brand in the market.

Final Thoughts

Colour plays a very important role in how your brand is perceived and the unconscious emotions it can trigger.

The least popular colours are lighter greens and yellow. The most popular colours used in barrister chambers’ branding are blue, purple and red. Blue suggests stability and reliability while purple can be associated with luxury and power. Red connotes power and determination.

Blue, purple, red and their associated attributes would all be viewed positively by chambers which is why they are so heavily used, although due to the high percentage using these brand colours, opportunities present themselves to chambers considering a rebrand to use colour to differentiate their brand in the market.


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