Marketing Ideas to jumpstart your business’s visibility in 2023

New Year is a great opportunity to give your marketing campaign a freshen-up and try out different ideas to boost the visibility of your website.

Launch New Events

January is a good time to start thinking about different events your company can be hosting throughout the year. Use your events from 2022 to come up with some creative twists or ideas that will help you stand out from your competitors.

You could think about your budget and see what you can offer to your clients coming to the events. A good place to start would be handing out branded goodie bags so people have a reminder to take home and enjoy.

Create Unique Branded Products

Branded products are an effective way to get your company name out there and to remind people of who you are and what you do. As an example, one of Tela’s valued clients based in Hong Kong, have branded products such as dumpling shaped candles. Having something that is memorable, will help to get your brand name out there in a creative manner and create a lasting impression.

Social Scheduling for the New Year

Social media is one place that is invaluable when it comes to marketing your brand online. Tela recommends using tools like Hubspot, Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts to go out over all your platforms, throughout the month of January.

We use scheduling tools at Tela throughout the year, as it makes it easier for our team to plan content on a monthly basis. Instead of having to dip in and out of the different social channels separately every couple of days to publish content, we can spend an hour or two scheduling on one platform and know that they will publish when we need them to.

Plan Rich Content

Over the last year, we noticed a big increase in podcast, video and webinar content across lots of sectors. This is something that has been on the rise since 2020 but in 2022 became even more popular; with a variety of businesses producing content and finding creative new ways to display this content to their audiences. If you have not already started, 2023 is the year we would recommend you start thinking about producing these content types for your business.

To Summarise

A new year allows you to take a look at the performance of your marketing efforts from the previous years and come up with some more creative ideas and plans. Having a fresh view and innovative ideas will put you ahead of the competition.

Lots of businesses have the same sort of ideas when it comes to social posts, branded products and content on their website so it is a great idea to use the new year to think about what you can be doing to stand out from your competitors.


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