Tips to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel from your website

YouTube can provide many Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits for your chambers. As Google owns the platform, it is likely to rank videos posted on YouTube videos higher in their search engine. Much like your web pages, you can optimise YouTube videos to improve rankings in Google. By completing some of the tasks mentioned below, you can drive more traffic from your website to your YouTube account while also benefiting from another channel for promoting your content.

Embedding videos

Embedding videos on your website pages instead of linking to YouTube will encourage more users to view the content. You can also direct them to your YouTube channel to view more of your content.

Choose your thumbnail carefully

The thumbnails of your videos are one of the first things that people will see when they search for your videos or when they see your videos embedded on your web pages. Try to ensure the thumbnails for your videos are engaging as this will encourage your audience to watch them.

‘If you liked this, click here to subscribe’

Calls to action (CTA’s) are not just good on-page content but when used in videos, they can encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Using a video CTA is a good way to promote access to the content in different areas of your website which should result in more people viewing the content.

Creating playlists

Playlists on YouTube can be a good way of keeping people on your channel and watching your content. You can create playlists of certain videos so that when a user finishes one it will roll onto another for them to watch under a similar topic.

Final thoughts

YouTube videos can work well to encourage people to view more content in a format which often drives higher levels of engagement and retention. This makes them a great tool for promoting brand recognition while also giving your audience a different channel to digest your marketing information from.


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