Websites should be updated regularly, and redesigned and/or redeveloped when there is a good case for more of a wholesale upgrade of the structure, look and feel or technology.

Designing an attractive website is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of advertising your services to a variety of audiences. Making sure that your website is continually evolving alongside your organisation is key to bringing in more customers and to produce the best possible return on any investment made in digital marketing.

Loading Speed

Slow loading pages have a negative impact as they make the user experience of the site poor meaning visitors have to wait around for certain pages to load. This will result in the bounce rate of your site increasing as people do not want to be waiting for content to load when they can easily go to another site and get the results quicker.

Another reason why your site may have a slow load time is due to extra content that is not needed. For example; older sites may have old information that is out of date and is clogging up the server, making the site slower to run. This could be due to redundant pages that were created a long time ago that are not necessarily needed anymore as they receive no traffic.

Responsive Design

A responsive site is designed to function on a desktop, as well as a phone or tablet because the screen adapts to whatever device it is being used on. For example, on a mobile view, a responsive site will shrink so that you can still see all of the information.

In the non-responsive website, you would not be able to see all the copy and would have to zoom in and scroll across the page to be able to see all of the content, which is not good for the user experience.


If your website does not help clients get to where they want as quickly as possible, then they are likely to leave your website and move on to a competitors website.

Make sure that the site navigation makes it easy to find certain content and also gives the exact information the audience wants to view. Furthermore, having good navigation can be very helpful for a website because if a website is giving off a good impression and satisfying the customer they are more likely to return.


Finally, incorporating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques into your website helps to make each page a potential entry point for customers. If having completed a full analysis, you find that the current site is generating very low levels of organic traffic, SEO has the potential to drive traffic and revenue.

It is often easier to redevelop a site with SEO built into the foundations of the strategy, rather than amending an existing site in the hope that you will see better results. This decision should only be made following thorough research so that the conclusion you reach is based on solid analysis and facts.


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