Blogging can be used as a valuable tool to help you interact and create lasting relationships with your audience. In the case of barristers’ chambers, blogs can be a great way of directing higher levels of quality traffic to a website.

What type of blog should my Chambers have?

When it comes to deciding on the type of blog that would best suit your chambers, there are a couple of options. If the blog is going to be specific to a practice area, then it may be an advantageous to have it hosted outside the chambers website. This approach would allow for a standalone brand to be created for the blog, which would help emphasise the expert knowledge behind the practice area team.

In this instance, an external blog (if hosted on WordPress) can be managed through a multisite content management system (CMS) to allow for easy access. WordPress multisite gives the option for microsites to be deployed meaning that if you already have one website set up with WordPress, you can go on to create further websites that are all managed through the one CMS.

Alternatively, it may be more relevant to your chambers to have the blog content displayed on your current website, depending on how much content you plan to produce and if you are looking to host articles relevant to lots of different practice areas or sectors. This option would allow relevant articles to be linked to an author, meaning there is the option for articles to be displayed on barristers profile pages and having links through from the actual article page.

What are the benefits of having a Chambers’ blog?

Blogs can be hugely beneficial and if used properly can help drive traffic and conversions. They require extra effort in terms of writing and uploading content, but the benefits of writing targeted content can be great.

More traffic will be driven to your Chambers’ website

If you are considering having a blog on your chambers’ website, it can be a great way to increase the visibility of the chambers. Creating timely content around popular topics can dramatically increase your Search Engine Optimisation which will help drive more traffic to your website. Blog content gives your website more indexed pages ready for the search engines to crawl, which will mean that you have create more opportunities to show up in the search engines which will mean that more organic traffic will be driven to your website.

Blogs can help position your Chambers’ as a knowledge leader

Releasing content on a regular basis will mean that users will return to read the latest blog post which will position your chamber as a credible source of content in a specific field. As this understanding develops, your blog will become a destination for people looking for up to date content. Over time your blog can be positioned as a leading resource in the industry which provides valuable information through the posts. This will help build trust and credibility which can lead to more people getting in touch.

Blogs create shareable content

Creating regular blog posts also gives your chambers’ more content that can be shared through your social platforms, which in turn will allow users to pass on content and share it with their audiences. Higher levels of shared content will help drive more traffic to your website.

If your chambers has practice areas teams with an active social presence, it may be worth considering the implementation of a blog which will bring benefits to your barristers’ chambers website.


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