Increasing levels of client interaction on your Chambers’ website can be a difficult thing to achieve. Low levels of interaction will generally mean that your website’s bounce rate will be very high. Common reasons for high bounce rates include a lack of structure and not having enough content on your website to progress a visitor’s journey.

The following points can be worked into your website content, structure and page designs to help encourage more interaction, whether that means clients clicking through to view more content or increasing communication by visitors instigating contact.

Calls to Action

Every good website design should display clear calls to action (CTA). These are features that push users towards the content you want them to see, or an action you want them to take. A good CTA has the potential to increase levels of communication with visitors through, for example, email sign-ups.

For chambers’ in particular, it will be useful to clearly display CTA’s that encourage visitors to contact a barrister or a clerk. Displaying a single point of contact alongside a photo and direct contact details can make the process of getting in touch much more transparent

CTA’s should be thought about strategically and must be considered when user journeys are being defined in order to incorporate them in key areas of the website without becoming too intrusive.

Transparent Content

An easy way to encourage higher levels of interaction with your chambers’ website is by creating clear, transparent content. Often it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of overusing legal jargon or ‘in-house’ terminology. This will generally affect the website usability and user journey negatively as it may not always be clear which route someone needs to take to access the information they want to find.

Keeping content, labels and CTA’s as transparent as possible will result in a better user experience and higher levels of interaction.

If there are larger or more complex areas of content that are using terminology or processes that could appear confusing to the user, it is worth considering new ways in which the content could be presented.

As an example, interactive infographics are a great way of displaying data heavy or text-heavy content, as it can make the information much more digestible for the reader. It also means that the content can be presented in a way that makes it easier to understand. Our interactive barristers chambers’ website colour usage tool shows a different way to present data.

Instant Chat

A live chat facility on your chambers’ website can give potential clients the opportunity to have any questions they may have answered instantly. Chambers’ also have an opportunity to make a good first impression by responding to contact requests quickly.

It is a really convenient way for people to get in touch and it can potentially increase the number of conversions your chambers’ achieves from its website users as there is potential to instigate communication with someone looking to immediately instruct a barrister.

Social Buttons

Your chambers’ social links should appear as share buttons at the bottom of all your content to make it easier for your website users to pass on. Sharing content through social media allows visitors to promote your content while increasing your website traffic and the amount of interaction pages achieve. This works especially well with high quality or valuable content assets that have a higher chance of being shared by users.

User Journey

For clients to be able to access the information they want quickly, the user journey needs to be fully optimised. Website users expect information almost instantaneously. If a user is not able to find the content they are looking for easily, they will leave and find the information elsewhere.

Tela has developed a feature that allows the content on a chambers’ website to adapt depending on a user’s journey. Offering a more tailored approach to how content can be viewed allows users to view content more specific to their needs. This increases the likelihood of someone finding the content they require and instigating communication.

If you would like to know more about how Tela could help increase the amount of client interaction on your chambers’ website, please contact our Head of New Business, Tim Sheed: call 01799 524464 or email


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