Tela regularly recommend WordPress platforms to our clients to use as their content management system. WordPress offers a multitude of benefits that makes it a great technology for those publishing legal services content.


WordPress is a very easy content management system to use. It requires little training and the user interface makes the process of uploading content (whether it is new pages, images or text) extremely straightforward. This means that your law firm’s website can be kept up to date by administrators without the need for technical knowledge.


Google likes WordPress websites as the technology offers lots of functionality to help search engines to crawl the content. Header Tags and alt-descriptions can easily be added to pages through the administration panel and there are also a number of specialist SEO plugins available (such as Yoast) which provide you with a small SEO checklist to ensure your page has been optimised well.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can read about the benefits of yoast.


There are thousands of plugins available for use on WordPress which can increase the functionality of your website. Whether you are looking for social media integration or ecommerce capabilities, there are plugins for pretty much everything. Good plugins will have regular updates available, meaning the technology is kept up to date on an ongoing basis. Plugins are generally easy to install and run on all wordpress websites offering access to large amounts of functionality at relatively low costs.
Publication based content

WordPress was originally created and developed as a blogging platform and has evolved to encompass a full suite of products to manage different processes on websites. Due to these foundations, WordPress is exceptionally good at handling different types of publication based content, making it much easier to maintain and update your law firm’s publications with high levels of functionality that are built into the core of WordPress.

Multiple Users

Multiple users can be set up on your WordPress site to enable them to access and edit different areas of the site. The access levels mean that you can give users access to just the blog or certain pages they need to edit, while they won’t be able to change any of the core structure.

For example, we have been able to create a number of websites in the past where multiple levels of access have been assigned to different individuals. Marketing managers can be given Administrator access so that they have access to all of the administration features within the site, whereas lawyers can be given Contributor access. This set-up means that lawyers can write and contribute articles to the blog and news section of the site without being able to publish the posts. Posts are always confirmed by someone with Administrator access before they go live.


WordPress offers users a lot of flexibility in terms of the design and structure of the website. While there are lots of different themes available, a custom interface can be created, giving you as much flexibility as you need with your law firm’s website design.

Tela have developed lots of bespoke functionality for the law firm websites sites we have created. These include tools to increase the effective use of content relationships and also functionality to help improve user retention on the site to increase the level of communication from visitors.

If you are interested in finding out how WordPress could work for your law firm’s website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Tela deliver website, online marketing, lead generation and conversion optimisation campaigns to some of the UK’s leading law firms.

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