Wellbeing at the Bar: Tela Launch New Website

This month Tela launched the new Wellbeing at the Bar website, run by the Bar Council. It was created with the intention of providing information about wellbeing to help support those facing challenges in the profession. The website incorporates different resources including videos, news content and support listings to create a platform that can generate awareness and provide information on psychological wellbeing, with the aim of reducing the stigma associated with mental health.

The brief asked for a website that was easy to navigate and that would engage with the different audiences and offer them the different levels of support they may need. We optimised the pages from the user’s perspective, looking at their journeys and the website structure to create a user interface that made best use of the content. It was also important to take into consideration the ability for the website to host a number of different types of media to make it visually appealing and engaging, while also giving users the opportunity to access the downloadable resources.

Tela also designed the branding for Wellbeing at the Bar using geometric shapes to create the brain logo. This was then followed through with the use of graphics on the symptom pages and also on the Five Drivers of Personal Wellbeing, maintaining the same use of geometric shapes to create the graphics. This has helped to create a brand identity surrounding the areas of wellbeing, which can be instantly recognised.

Wellbeing at the Bar website on Ipad

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