Driving More Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

There is not one golden rule for increased success in driving more website traffic – its success depends on a whole host of different things, all being done to a high standard. The following short guide will give you an insight into some of the key elements that, if incorporated into your digital strategy, will help you increase exposure and attract more visitors to your website.


This is an obvious one to work into your strategy. An SEO strategy should be high on the list of importance as to get more traffic, you ideally want your law firm to be ranking in one of the top five places on Google for keyword searches specific to your target markets. Ensure that all your content is optimised for search engines. Check out our post Five Features of Great Law Firm Websites to get some easy to implement SEO tips.

Natural Link Building

Link building should form part of a long term strategy, ideally after your SEO plan has been successfully implemented. The aim is for high quality web pages to link back to your law firm’s website. It is very important that these links are on relevant sites so they have the best chance of attracting the right audience. To begin the process you should start researching some keywords you are looking to rank for start creating good quality content surrounding them. This process should be natural (buying links is more likely to have a detrimental impact on your website’s rankings) and will need to be reviewed and adapted every so often to stay relevant. It should also tie in with your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to get your knowledge and brand in front of an audience that can be directed to your website. Create engaging pieces of content through video, infographics and articles, then share them across your social channels. This gives your audience the chance to share each piece which will help them reach a wider audience. We have put together a few of our top Content Marketing Tips here.

Google Adwords

One way of directing more traffic to your website is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google Adwords. It allows for a much more targeted approach when trying to entice users to visit your website. One thing to remember is that you only want to pay for traffic from people who are genuinely interested in viewing your site, and of course you can set budgets for the amount you spend. It is also worth mentioning that the results you get from PPC advertising will be much quicker than those gained from organic search campaigns. Adwords is often overlooked as a tool for research. If used correctly it allows keywords to be tested at a relatively low cost in order for the results to be analysed and worked into an SEO strategy.

Mobile Optimisation

Another important factor in driving more website is making sure your website is mobile friendly. Google will take this into consideration when looking at where your website ranks in its listings. With more and more traffic originating from mobile devices, it is important to not just have a mobile friendly website, but also one which has been designed and built to content mobile traffic. Having a well designed mobile responsive site will also reduce your bounce rates as it will be much easier for mobile users to find the content they are searching for.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a really successful way to attract new customers and provide your existing clients with updates. Use it as part of your content marketing strategy by promoting new content like blog posts, but be aware that sending too many emails can have a negative effect. Allow people to register to receive specific content rather than just a general email. Most people will have a stronger interest in niche pieces of content so the more relevant the content people receive, the higher the likelihood that the content will be read and that the traffic will return to your website.


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