It has long been our opinion that legal services organisations are sat on a gold mine of potentially valuable marketing content.

On a regular basis, most law firms and barristers’ chambers will, as part of their daily business, produce news worthy content. The very nature of the legal services sector means that the landscape is consistently changing, with new laws and standards coming into force faster than most can keep up with them.

Add to this a mixture of professionals who have all been educated to a high standard and (dare we say) have strong opinions to share, makes a content marketing strategy within law firms and barristers chambers a must.

With a little thought and planning, this content can me made to work extremely hard if put in front of the right audiences. Good content can build trust with clients while providing a reason to keep in touch and add value to other services by imparting useful, timely content and advice.

People are genuinely interested in the content legal services professionals post online, with some lawyers and barristers we have worked with surpassing 2000 twitter followers in a matter of months after starting regular content marketing. The potential collective power of knowledge and news held with law firms and barristers chambers is unfortunately all too often wasted; consigned to a solitary news letter, the bottom of a news archive or worst still, never published at all.


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