In the last few months we have won three new contracts to develop websites for leading barristers chambers. The new projects will all be utilising our legal services content management system which has been developed to allow barristers’ chambers advanced levels of manageability around profiles, related content, social media integration and search engine optimisation.

The barristers’ websites will also be built with responsive templates to allow users viewing the websites on mobile devices easier access to key content.

We expect to build on our continuing success in this sector with our new clients by developing barristers websites that rank highly in the natural search engine listings and ultimately generate a measurable return on investment.

Take a look at some of our previous websites for barristers’ chambers:

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court is a leading commercial barristers’ chambers. They required a complete overhaul of their existing website and digital marketing strategy to enable users to access key information faster. The new website needed to be user friendly and easy to manage through the content management system. Tela identified issues with the navigation and adjusted it to allow ease of access to the profile and practice area landing pages.

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers are a barristers’ chambers, based in Temple, London. Tela designed and developed a new mobile-responsive website that maintained their position as a leading set.

2 Hare Court

2 Hare Court barristers’ chambers are recognised nationally and internationally as one of the leading sets in the UK. Our brief was to design and develop a website that would enhance the chamber’s brand and attract new business.

2 Hare Court Barristers Chambers Website

Wellbeing at the Bar

The Bar Council wanted to create a website that provided support, information and resources regarding wellbeing in the profession. Tela designed the Wellbeing at the Bar brand and website, with the aim of providing users with easy access to support.

Wellbeing at the Bar website on Ipad

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers are one the largest barristers’ chambers in the UK. The aim of the project was to turn the website into a tool that maximises the potential for lead generation while offering visitors clear routes to key content.

39 Essex Barristers Chambers Website

Bar Council Ethics Portal

The new Bar Council Ethics website was created to give barristers access to all the ethics documentation easily, with a particular focus on being able to find content while out and about. Tela designed a website representative of the current Bar Council branding guidelines. The new website displays key information, making it easy to access for all audiences.

Ten Old Square

Ten Old Square are a commercial and chancery barristers’ chambers based in Lincoln’s Inn, London. Tela were asked to create a new mobile-responsive website that positioned them with a positive brand image and increased the exposure and number of conversions received online.

Goldsmith Chambers

Goldsmith Chambers are a leading multi-disciplinary set based in London. Our aim was to create a new digital strategy that would allow them to maximise their potential for lead generation and provide users with clearer routes to key content.

Goldsmith Chambers Barristers Website

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For more information around the online projects Tela have completed for barristers’ chambers please contact our Head of New Business, Tim Sheed: call (+44) 01799 524464 or email


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